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Monday, March 16, 2020

Support Local Vendors during COVAD-19 Especially Right Now!

If we don't support our local vendors directly serving the kosher community the next few weeks, we could lose some of them permanently.  Please consider ordering some meals, buying a gift card or providing them some business at this challenging time.

DMV businesses, please email your offers or information to the Potomac Jewish list serv to get your details to the community.  The information will then also be posted below.  This site will be linked to in every email to the 2000 member Potomac Jewish community list.

Join the list and post instructions here:

(Of course, we urge support for all the hard working local businesses, do what you can and dont forget to tip generously)


New additions to the list:

Twin Bakers Challah 

Sweeten your day or weekend with Twin Bakers Challah! This twin-run business will support your challah needs for Shabbat dinners, celebrations, and any time when you are craving delicious, freshly baked challah. We are excited to offer many different varieties of our original kosher challah! We deliver to the Potomac/Rockville area and offer pickup at Beth Sholom Congregation on Friday Afternoons. With every order you place, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Save the Children, a global organization whose mission is to help vulnerable populations and assist them with their health and food needs. To order online, go to our website:

Black Rooster 

Baltic Rye bread - mail order. (Also available at some local stores)
Local Chevy Chase business.

Al Haesh TakeOut


Restaurants and Catering

The Kosher Kitchen  - updated 7/15 *special offer

The Kosher Kitchen Catering Co. is offering several convenient kosher food for contactless delivery or curbside pick-up (we bring straight to your car). 

Weekly menus updated:

Shabbat-in-a-Box *meals which are a-la-carte so you create your own menu with several Gluten free and vegan options too

- Individual **Bento 🍱 Boxes that include 3-compartments: 1-protein, 1-starch and 1-veg/fruit. The box is BPA-free and microwave/freezer safe. Don’t worry about not knowing what to cook anymore and have food options for that road trip coming up. Great for taking to the office (or home office)!

Very user-friendly online ordering: 

*Min. $100 order
**Limited time discount code: FREEBENTO when  you add 5 Bento Boxes, only pay for 4 (get one free!)



Taim is a vegan restaurant, hashgacha DC Kosher
Hi Everyone, To all those who picked up the Taïm delivery on Monday, THANK YOU! Taïm is going to do it again this Monday (the 30th), with a 6PM delivery to Tilden Middle School. To those who might have missed my original post: one of our tenants in Georgetown is Taïm, a NYC-based mediterranean falafel joint that serves incredible food. You don’t have to take my word for it - read the Washington Post’s review here: Like most restaurants in DC, Taïm is having a rough go of it right now. If we can get enough interest, they’d be willing to do a drop in the North Bethesda area this Monday. Let’s do what we can to support our local businesses.

If you are interested in supporting them, see the instructions below from Phil, one of Taïm's owners:
1. Customers must order either via our online ordering at or via our App (available on both iOS and Android). You will have to register if you are not already registered.

2. Orders must be placed for PICK UP. Important - Do NOT choose delivery. The restaurant will be bringing all of the orders to the Tilden Middle School parking lot near the tennis courts.

3. In the Special Instructions comments/notes section for at least one item (better if you put it in multiple), please put NORTHBETHESDA so we know that the order is part of this group order. This is really important! If the order isn’t identified as part of the group it will NOT make it on to the delivery.

4. Place orders between 10:00am and 3:00pm on Monday 3/30 and set pick up time for 5:15pm. The earlier you can place the order the better since that will help the restaurant know how much food to prep.

5. Food will be brought to Tilden MS at approximately 6:00pm. Meet at Tilden Middle School in the parking lot near the tennis courts to pick up your order. We will of course practice proper social distancing. Note - you might receive an email saying their order is going to be ready for pick up before 4:30pm. That’s just a system thing that we can’t control and is auto generated when we put the orders into our kitchen queue.


Simmy's Place Bakery
Simmy and Yaakova Pollock

We make dinners for people on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Shabbat offerings include challah, cakes and side dishes. All Items are strictly kosher but not under rabbinical supervision. We are not gluten or nut free.

If interested or have questions please call or text 240-893-4289 or send an email to


Oh Mama Grill

We are Here to Serve You Safely

We have always considered it the highest honor to be able to serve and to feed others and we want to continue to do so in these uncertain times.

Carry-out or FREE Delivery 11:00 am-8:00 pm 
visit us or call 301.770.3003 or 202.834.9990 to place your order 
Closed on Shabbat
The Delicious Solution to "Social Distancing"!

Sunflower Bakery

Sunflower Bakery is offering $8 local, same-day delivery*

Tuesday, March 17-Thursday, March 19. $35 order minimum required (most items available). 1 lb. bags of Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Crinkle, Snickerdoodle & Rolled Sugar available @ $6 each. Same-day orders must be placed by phone at 240.361.3698 between 9:00am-11:00am. Same-day deliveries will occur between 4pm-6pm. For all other orders, please place your order online at**Delivery must be to an address within 7 miles of Sunflower Bakery's
5951 Halpine Road location in Rockville.** 

Cakes, platters and custom orders require regular 48-hour advance notice.


Friends - Today is Tuesday. It feels like a year has passed since yesterday. Once again, we find ourselves in a unique position to remain open (TAKE OUT ONLY IN TAKOMA) and to feed people healthy food during this incredibly strange time.
Today we are announcing our new same-day delivery option from our Takoma location. Simply check out the menu, and email your order or call us at 202.609.7177. We'll deliver as soon as we can. There is a $5.99 fee and an order minimum of $20.
This is the first time we're doing this, so please be patient with us as we learn. Of course, our drivers will be wiping everything down and leaving everything at your door. We will not be entering anyone's homes!!
As a reminder, you can still order our Souper Meals program nationwide. Our Passover menu is still accepting orders.
A personal note - you all have been amazing. The amount of support we've received over the past few days has been incredible. We are so grateful.
And a HUGE shout out to our team who keeps cooking, smiling, and washing their hands (over and over and over and over).
One more time... this too shall pass.
Soupergirl and Soupermom
Potomac 18

Potomac 18 is excited to announce that we will be offering a Passover menu for 2020, all certified kosher under the OU. In an effort to service those stuck at home as well as the community at large due to the current circumstances, we have crafted our menu with competitive prices.  In addition, we are offering free local deliveries on all orders over 75.00. As always, Potomac 18 is happy to do custom orders for those who have specific diets, tastes, and traditions. We would appreciate for all orders to be placed by Friday, March 27th, 2020.

We have been taking every precaution to keep our facility at a heightened standard of sterilization to keep COVID-19 away. Our employees follow the CDC guidelines of proper hygiene, and we ask that all team members that don't feel well, stay at home.

If you have any questions or to place an order please email us at

The Shalom Group

During these trying times, it is necessary for the greater Jewish community to come together. COVID-19 has sent shockwaves throughout the world, but the Maryland Jewish community stands strong and united. Am Yisrael vs. COVID-19 is comprised of thousands of volunteers across multiple states. The Maryland Shleppers serve the Potomac, White Oak and Kemp Mill Jewish communities. In partnership with Shalom Kosher, the Maryland Shleppers will deliver fresh, high quality Kosher groceries to the doorstep of those in quarantine or at risk.
What is the procedure for quarantined or at risk individuals to place an order with the Maryland Shleppers?
Those in need of assistance should text, call, WhatsApp (240) 274-5997 or email with their order, address and telephone number. The volunteer will then pick up the requested items. At checkout, the volunteer will call the customer so their credit card information can be manually input while maintaining confidentiality. The volunteer then delivers the food to the customer’s doorstep.
 Who do the Maryland Shleppers service?
The volunteers help quarantine or at risk individuals by doing their grocery shopping and delivering the food to their doorstep.
 Is it safe and how do volunteers prevent potential spread of the virus?
Am Yisrael vs. COVID-19 Maryland Shleppers follow all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Maryland Department of Health guidelines, in addition to consulting with Doctors. All procedures have been approved, but are subject to change should the medical advice change. At no point will volunteers come in contact with the customer. All payment is over the phone and kept completely confidential, as to prevent hand to hand spread of anything communicable. Bags will be dropped off at the doors of those in need, so the volunteer and customer never come within the recommended distance.
 When can I order through the Maryland Shleppers?
Orders are taken from 8am-6pm, but deliveries are only made according to the availability of local volunteers.
 Is there a charge?
There is an extra $10 fee for the service; however, half the money is donated to Yad Yehuda of Greater Washington which helps families in local Jewish communities by providing much needed funds and the other half covers the cost of gas needed to deliver the items.
 Is it confidential?
All credit card information remains completely confidential.
 Is there a minimum order?
The order must total $50 or more. 
 What forms of payment do you take? 
We accept all major credit cards. 
 Delivery Time?
There is no set delivery time, all we require is someone available at home to pick up the food left at their door.
 Can you deliver alcohol?
 What happens if an item is out of stock?
In the event an item is not available, the volunteer will contact the customer and discuss alternatives. 
 How are the items packaged?
Shopping bags & boxes. 
 Where do you deliver?
Potomac, White Oak, Kemp Mill
Holy Chow

Online orders, phone orders and delivery service available on the usual schedule - see web site for details.

Moti's Market


Our Passover Menu is now available for online ordering!

Place your order to be picked up on April 7 or April 8 and we'll email you when it's ready. Visit to place your order.
Over the last two weeks we’ve been working hard to put in place an online ordering system for delivery from Moti’s Market.

At this point, most items on our system are kosher for Passover. The few exceptions are marked as NOT KP.

We rented refrigerated trucks to make sure that all refrigerated items will not spoil.

We cannot guarantee to have all items in stock at all times, but will substitute when able with other brands.

Please remember, this is very new to us.  We will learn and improve. Your feedback will be invaluable to us. If you are not seeing a product you believe we should offer, please let us know. We will try and add it as soon as possible. Please send all feedback to:

We will offer three daily delivery slots, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. We are allocating a limited number of deliveries per available time slots. You may also choose to pickup your order at the store.

As we learn and hopefully become more efficient, we hope to increase the number of available slots.

Our first delivery will be 12:00 PM Monday.

Please go to to place your order.


Char Bar DC

Passover Seder is April 8. Orders must be in by Monday March 30. Email orders to Call Michael in advance to 301-254-7636 for Special Requests or Dietary Needs $50 Minimum Order

Ben Yehuda

Ben Yehuda has partnered with DoorDash to deliver within 9 miles (as the car drives) from Ben Yehuda.  This includes much of Potomac. 
Order online at

For contactless delivery please add the tip and select the contlactless delivery option at checkout.

If there is somebody there interested in helping us organize a time to do a group delivery (but still door to door) We're happy to put something together.  Thank you!!

Josh Katz
Ben Yehuda Pizza

Goldberg’s New York Bagels in Baltimore will be delivering to Beth Sholom in Potomac every Tuesday!*

Here's how it will work:
Place your order online from our menu - - the page says PIKESVILLE LOCATION - that's the page you want.
Order by 2:00pm Monday, the day before the Tuesday drop off.
Include the note "pickup in Potomac."
We will call you for credit card information.
Note there is a nominal charge for this delivery service (approx $1 per dozen).
Orders will be dropped off at the Beth Sholom parking lot at 11:00 am every Tuesday.
*In order for us to deliver to Potomac each week, there will have to be sufficient orders ($500 total).
Any questions, call us at 410-415-7001. We are looking forward to bringing you our fresh bagels!

The Goldberg's team



Kugler's is still here for your Passover Needs! 

Kugler's remains open and is dedicated to keeping our customers and employees safe.
We have: tablecloths, counter covers, kitchen gadgets, seder plates, wine glasses
and more (flyers attached)

We will be open for the rest of the week from 10 am - 4 pm and Sunday 11 am - 4 pm
We are accepting phone orders, email orders, and website orders

Free delivery is offered for the White Oak, Woodside and Kemp Mill areas (for orders $50 or more)
Free Delivery Available to the Rockville and Potomac area starting Monday, March 30
Free curbside pick-up also available 

Thank you for your support. 

Kugler's Home Fashions
(240) 247-0271
2148 Industrial Pkwy.
Silver Spring, Md 20904

Elli Chai's

From Sunday, 29 March - Friday, 3 April, we will be offering a Shipping Service for any in-stock Pesach books and Kittles.

For small orders, there will be a $2.50 flat shipping fee and larger orders will have a $5.00 flat shipping fee.

Below is a list of available inventory.

Preparing for Pesach B'Simcha1 $   20.00
Passover Cakes and for all the year1 $   25.00
Passover Splendor1 $   20.00
Passover by Design1 $   30.00
Children's Pseach Books/Haggadot
Mish and Mush Pesach Hggadah1 $      7.50
Celebrating Passover Pamphlet32 $      5.00
Illustrated Artscroll Hagaddah (sc)1 $   10.00
Illustrated Artscroll Hagaddah (hc)1 $   15.00
Children's Artrscroll Haggadah (sc)2 $   16.00
Youth Artrscroll Haggadah (hc)3 $   18.00
Torah Tots Haggadah (HC)2 $   20.00
Gefen Pesach Haggadah (Clay Figures)2 $   20.00
Dayenu Passover Haggadah (sc)2 $   12.00
Escape from Egypt (Book)2 $      6.00
Motti the Yeshiva Bucher cleans for Pesach2 $   13.00
A different kind of passover1 $      8.00
Nachshon who was afraid to swim1 $      9.00
The little room2 $   10.00
Engineer Ari and the Passover Rush1 $      8.00
Seder in the Desert1 $      8.00
Judy's Passover Adventure8 $      8.00
Adult Haggadot (Orthodox)

In every generation 1 $   20.00
The simply Jewish Haggadah3 $   22.00
Measure for Measure Haggadah - Kanievsky1 $   40.00
Artscroll transliterated Haggadah 3 $      7.00
The Nesivos Haggadah1 $   20.00
Exalted Evening - Soloveitchik1 $   25.00
Haggadah Experience - Bronstein1 $   25.00
Dry Bone Passover Haggadah2 $   17.00
Royal Table - Lamm3 $   28.00
Reb Aharon Leib Haggadah (NEW)1 $   30.00
Haggadah Treasury1 $   23.00
Katz Haggadah (Feldheim)4 $   30.00
Gibraltor Haggadah (Collector)1 $   50.00
The Kafra Hagadah1 $   65.00
Pesach Haggadah - The Living Exodus Anthology1 $   60.00
A night To remember - Noam Zion1 $   19.00
Silber Passover Haggadah1 $   18.00
Hirsch Haggadah2 $   24.00
Artscroll Interlinear Haggadah2 $      7.00
Darkness to Destiny (Bernstein)2 $   24.00
Goldberg Haggadah15 $      3.00
Artscroll Family Haggadah 14 $      3.50
Emoji Haggadah3 $   18.00
Seder Savvy1 $   22.00
Haggadah with Answers1 $   25.00
The Fifth Question - Gross3 $   22.00
A Feast of History1 $   25.00
Generation to Generation6 $   18.00
Rav Palm Haggadah3 $   24.00
Beis Aharon Haggadah1 $   30.00
Tale that Shaped a Nation4 $   20.00
Heritage Haggadah - Kitov1 $   30.00
Redemption then and Now - Blech2 $   25.00
March of Centuries - Ginsburg1 $   23.00
A Sephardic Passover Haggadah - Angel (sc)1 $   12.00
Lovell Haggadah1 $   35.00
Pesach Haggadah - Living our History1 $   22.00
Night that Unites - Cook, Soloveitchik and Carlebach - HC1 $   40.00
Hearing your own Voice15 $   13.00
Adult Haggadot (Conservative/reform)
Passover Haggadah - Feast of Freedom - Rabbincal Assembly5 $   20.00
60 minute Seder8 $   13.00
Gates of Freedom Haggadah1 $   11.00
New American Haggadah5 $   14.00
Pesach Titles
Signs and Wonders - 100 Haggadah Masterpieces1 $   50.00
Halachos of Pesach - Eider1 $   30.00
Kitzur Halachos Pesach based on the Mishna Brura - Hofstedter1 $   25.00
Haroset - A Taste of Jewish History3 $   25.00
Passover Survival Kit1 $   20.00
The Passover Puzzle - Discovering True Pesach1 $   20.00
Passover - Season of Redemption - Fendel1 $   15.00
A Taste of Freedom - Balsam2 $   25.00
Nissim V'niflaos - Gross1 $   25.00
Make your own Passover Seder - Kay2 $   20.00
Manischewitz - The Matza Famiy1 $   25.00
A Seder Guide - Rosenholtz2 $   15.00
Kittles - Keter Brand

Medium3 $   50.00

Extra Large1 $   50.00

If you need anything on the list above, please email us at