Friday, April 05, 2030

Potomac Jewish Community Central Email List Serv

Potomac Jewish Community Email List is a mailing list for issues of interest to the Potomac Jewish Community. Need to buy, sell, borrow or have something to lend or give away? Post to this list. Important announcements, community events, requests to say tehillim for someone ill, local news or any matters of Jewish communal interest are appropriate if there is a tie to the local Washington area.

When you reply to a message, consider whether your reply should go to the entire list, or just the person who sent out the message!

Shul information welcome - shul politics not!

Join by join by sending a blank email to

After joining, you can send email to the 2000 list members by emailing to

Common questions:

My email is going through to the list, what did I do wrong?

1. Did you send from an email that is not subscribed to the list?  Like your other email account?

2. The list is moderated to screen out spam or emails that aren't suitable, perhaps the moderator is running behind.  Be patient please.  If urgent, contact the group owner at the above email.

3. If your message is general - Israel, politics, general fundraising, apartments to rent in Israel-the moderators will not put the message through unless there is a local Potomac or DC connection. Holding a political fundraiser or an Israel or Jewish event? Tell us. Forwarding an email about general politics, Israel or a funny YouTube video - sent it to your friends, this list we keep for  specific community utility purpose.

4. Are commercial messages allowed? Yes, if you are a local resident or a local business or the offer is focused on the local community (e.g. a sleep away camp holding a local recruiting meeting).  Please make the local connection clear in the message.  If the moderator doesnt recognition the loal connection, they won't put the message through.  If you are a business in the area, your special offers are welcome at any time.  But your regular promotions should be send more judiciously, once a quarter would be fine.  The moderator will exercise discretion to manage the commercial messages.
If you want to send commercial messages more often or by an ad in the footer of every email sent, contact the list owner for pricing.  All proceeds will be donated to local community charities.

5. House for sale or rent?  Although information about events in the entire DMV region are welcome, real estate listings are only accepted for the Potomac/Rockville/Bethesda area.

6.  Political messages are accepted - but MUST have a local connection, for example a fundraiser invitation or parlor meeting or information about a local race.  Please share your general views on politics on social media, not here - but if you are DOING SOMETHING in the real world, do use the list to invite or recruit.

7. General Israel or Jewish interest?  Not here, we all already get that information elsewhere.  It isn't linked to the local community because it's about Israel or Kashrut, unless there is a specific local link.
Do you really want to send a message that is of very general Jewish or Israel interest? Join this group and share away - unmoderated.

8.  In general, the moderator will use discretion to support the utility of the list in his view of the best interest of the community.  Apologies in advance for mistakes that are sure to be made.

9. What happened to the Potomac Jewish Yahoo Group? The Potomac Jewish list has left Yahoo Groups and moved to
Plz send your emails to
All previous members have been moved to the new list - you do not need to do anything.  Just going forward, send messages to the new email address.

IMPORTANT!  Do you need help?  Before you email the very busy moderators, please look to the information above.  The list is self service - you can change all the settings, choose the digest, pause the emails, unsubscribe - all via the settings.